The 2433HV is one of Ideal Aerosmith’s standard Three-Axis Flight Motion Simulator models designed for Hardware-In-The-Loop (HWIL) Seeker Guidance Testing. This system is configured for interfacing to an RF chamber. Extremely efficient hydraulic actuators allow high system utilization, such as Monte Carlo-type test scenarios, on a time-continuous basis. This three-axis FMS system is controlled with Ideal’s flexible AERO 4000 Controller which provides real-time motion control via several industry-standard high-speed interfaces.

The 2433HV features a geared hydraulic drive on the innermost axis, high-performance direct drive hydraulic vane actuators on the Middle and Outer axes and precision optical encoders on all axes. The AERO 4000 digital signal processorbased (DSP) controller provides accurate and reliable motion control. The user can operate the FMS from the AERO 4000 Graphic User Interface for local control, or remotely via a computer interface. It affords easy operation, and can accommodate the Ideal Aerosmith Table Language (ATL) for remote operation. The AERO 4000 controller comes standard with IEEE-488, RS-232, and Ethernet communication interfaces.

Features of the 2433HV


  • Position Accuracy: ±10 arc sec
  • Inter-axis Orthogonality: 30 arc sec
  • Axes intersection: ±0.02” (±0.5mm)
  • Rate Accuracy: ±0.01%
  • Inner axis rates up to 10 Hz (600 RPM)
  • Rack-mounted AERO 4000 Digital Controller
    • Front panel display of status and data
    • Local and remote operation
    • Trapezoidal velocity profiles (in rate mode) with programmable velocity and acceleration
    • Sinusoidal motion generator, with programmable amplitude and frequency
    • Profile mode for position, velocity, and flight (PVA) commands
    • Programmable analog inputs and outputs

Special Features

  • RF shielding enclosure integrated into the base structure design with accommodations for interfacing table base to RF chamber and customer wiring penetrations
  • Table base configured with an actuated linear positioning system and multiple mounting/anchoring positions to simplify test article loading and system calibration
  • Vertical base design that will accommodate either a vertical or horizontal outer axis orientation. (vertical outer axis shown in photograph)
  • Middle axis gimbal that accommodates interchangeable inner axis drive designs to satisfy future testing requirements

Options of the 2433HV

  • Various slip ring packages or wire wrap configurations
  • SCRAMNet or VMIC shared-memory interfaces
  • GPS and/or 10MHz timing synchronization module

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