The Model 2103HTC Three-Axis Positioning and Rate Table System is designed to provide precise position, rate, and acceleration motion for the development and/or production testing of military and/or commercial antenna stabilization systems and/or heading sensors.

The 2103HTC test table achieves accurate and reliable motion control with a servo-controlled system consisting of direct-drive brushless torque motors, precision absolute optical encoders and the Ideal Aerosmith AERO 3500 Commander microprocessor based three-axis motion controller.

The table can be operated from the AERO 3500 Commander Controller front panel for local control or remotely through a host PC via Ideal Aerosmith Table Language (ATL) over an RS-232, IEEE-488 or an Ethernet communication interface using .NET.

Features of the 2103HTC

  • Position Accuracy: ±15 arc sec (all axes)
  • Rate Accuracy: ±0.001% (for unlimited rotation axes)
  • Max Rate (varies depending on axis configuration)
    Inner Axis: 1080-2000 deg/sec
    Middle Axis: 150-350 deg/sec
    Outer Axis: 150-350 deg/sec
  • Direct-drive, brushless servo system
  • Precision-ground anodized aluminum tabletop
  • 10 (254 mm) or 14 (356 mm) inch diameter tabletop
  • Fail-safe brakes (all axes)
  • Rotational freedom
    Inner Axis: Unlimited
    Middle Axis: ±185 deg or unlimited
    Outer Axis: ±370 deg or unlimited
  • AERO 3500 Commander Digital Controller mounted in a cabinet
  • RS-232, IEEE-488 and Ethernet interface
  • 2 kHz servo update rate
  • Front panel display of status and data
  • Local or remote operation
  • User-friendly Ideal Aerosmith Table Language (ATL)
  • Trapezoidal motion profiles with programmable velocity and acceleration
  • Sinusoidal Motion profiles with variable amplitude and frequency
  • Position Profile, Velocity Profile and Flight Profile
    Mode for simulating complex motion profiles
  • Analog position and velocity input
  • Analog position, velocity and position error output
  • Absolute Optical Encoders
  • Capable of querying the current position, velocity, and acceleration
  • CE Mark

Options of the 2103HTC

  • Unlimited rotation available on all axes
  • Custom tabletop mounting hole pattern
  • For special requirements, accuracies, or custom specifications, please contact Ideal Aerosmith, Inc.

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