Test Solutions Examples

Weather Radar Test Systems

The Ideal Aerosmith PTS-3500 Weather Radar Test System provides automated return-to-service testing of all current models of the Rockwell Collins digital Weather Radar Systems, including the WXR-700, the Forward Looking Windshear (FLW) unit, and the Multi-scan WXR-2100 radar systems. Read more >>


In-flight Entertainment Test Systems

Ideal Aerosmith was selected by a major OEM to develop a large-scale, turn-key ATE system and associated test program sets (TPSs) for the various subsystems in their In-Flight Entertainment system. Read more >>


Completion Center SATCOM Test Bench

Ideal Aerosmith designed and built the SATCOM test console for a major corporate jet manufacturer. The console design enables customer to emulate virtually any SATCOM configuration prior to installation in their aircraft. Read more >>


Software Development and Integration Platforms

Ideal Aerosmith is actively involved in the design and build of highly complex system integration rigs for major avionics OEMs. Read more >>


Cockpit Display System Bench

Ideal Aerosmith was selected by a major US avionics OEM to design and build a Cockpit Display Console. The console is comprised of an integrated software environment and hardware platform for prototyping, development, integration… Read more >>


HASS Holding Fixture

Ideal Aerosmith leveraged its expertise in electromechanical design to create a reduced-fretting HASS Holding Fixture capable of withstanding a minimum of 240 hours of vibration. Read more >>