Trip Guardian™ 1503-TS-NM-A Three-Axis Non-Magnetic Manual Positioning Test Table

The 1503-TS-NM-A Series is similar to the 1503-TS-SPL version except the work surface is cylindrical and handles payloads up to 4 inches in diameter and 54 inches in length. Each of the three axes may be positioned manually by rotating the axis to the desired position and locking the axis clamp at a coarse axis position. A fine adjust mechanism along with the encoder/display instrumentation is then used to set the desired axis position. Like the 1503-TS-SPL, a thermal chamber is provided so that the device under test can be subjected to temperature while being rotated.

  • 1503-TS-NM-A
Options available for

Trip Guardian™ 1503-TS-NM-A

  • Custom fixtures for mounting tool
  • Customized turn-key solutions
  • Air Amplifier kit for faster cooling of tool and chamber
  • 210°C High temperature option
  • Extended mounting surface design
  • Professional Installation


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Standard Performance Specification & Features:

  • 4 inch diameter x 54 inch long mounting surface
  • 40 lb. payload
  • Number of Axes: 3
  • Position Accuracy: ±30 arc seconds
  • Ambient to 175°C temperature range
  • Position Repeatability: ±15 arc seconds