Model 2433HV Three-Axis Hydraulic Flight Motion Simulator

Ideal Aerosmith’s Three-Axis Hydraulic Flight Motion Simulators are used for development and production hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) testing of guidance and flight control systems for small and medium size vehicles. The flight motion simulators reproduce, in real-time, the high-dynamic rotational responses of an actual vehicle in flight. Our Three-Axis Hydraulic Flight Motion Simulators are configured with efficient, high-torque hydraulic actuators and they are rugged enough to allow high-performance simulations, such as Monte Carlo-type test scenarios, on a time-continuous basis.

Accurate and reliable motion control of the Model 2433HV or the Model 2453H-ER is achieved with a servo-controlled system consisting of direct-drive hydraulic actuators, precision optical encoders, and either an electric or hydraulic drive on the inner axis. The flight motion table is designed to provide optimum dynamic performance when integrated with Ideal Aerosmith’s AERO 4000™ digital motion control system.

  • 2433HV
Options available for


  • Custom payload interfaces
  • Limited rotation hydraulic actuator on FMS inner axis
  • Various slip ring packages or wire wrap configurations
  • High pressure gas joint
  • RF rotary joint
  • Fiber optic rotary joint
  • Configured with two-axis target motion simulator


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Standard Performance Specification & Features:

  • Payload:
    • Capacity: 150 lbs (68 Kg)
  • Position Accuracy:
    • Inner Axis: ±30 arcsec absolute
    • Middle Axis: ±10 arcsec absolute
    • Outer Axis: ±10 arcsec absolute
  • Maximum Rate:
    • Inner Axis: ±600 deg/sec
    • Middle Axis: ±400 deg/sec
    • Outer Axis: ±400 deg/sec
  • Maximum Acceleration:
    • Inner Axis: 30,000 deg/sec2
    • Middle Axis: 10,000 deg/sec2
    • Outer Axis: 10,000 deg/sec2
  • Hydraulic servo system
  • Limited rotation for all axes
  • AERO 4000™ Controller
  • Front panel display of status and data
  • Interfaces: IEEE-488, SCRAMNet or VMIC
  • User-friendly Ideal Aerosmith Table Language (ATL)
  • Profile Modes for simulating complex motion profiles
  • Programmable analog inputs and outputs
  • Vertical base – RF Chamber Compatible
  • Base includes actuated linear positioning system to simplify test article loading\unloading