Single-Axis, X-Y & DUAL X-Y Target Motion Simulators (TMS)

Ideal Aerosmith designs and manufactures linear or curvilinear TMS systems to allow the real time simulation of dynamic RF targets. These TMS systems may be used in conjunction with Ideal Aerosmith’s 3X FMS systems or any installed 3X FMS system built by the former Carco Electronics™ or Contraves® companies. Our TMS systems are configured with the AERO 4000 Digital Motion Controller and provide precision control of the independent X and Y axes.

Ideal Aerosmith Cartesian Motion systems are designed to provide high-dynamic simulations as part of a complete RF laboratory including an Anechoic Chamber, 3-axis flight table and the TMS as well as associated computers and electronics.

Our linear or curvilinear systems provide a cost-effective tool for efficiently implementing Hardware-in the-Loop (HWIL) development, test and performance verification of RF missile seeker components. TMS systems incorporate linear or curvilinear rails coupled to either electric or hydraulic drive motors which establish a transport system that moves RF targets through X and Y motions.

Dual X-Y Systems are available to simulate the motion of multiple targets in a missle seeker/RF target tracking scenario. Any of the linear X-Y systems may also be configured with a two-axis pan/tilt assembly to eliminate simulation errors.

Contact us to obtain additional performance specifications for the TMS systems or to learn more about our capabilities and resources to help you meet your program cost and schedule requirements.



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Standard Performance Specification & Features:

Ideal Aerosmith TMS systems have many unique, proprietary design features that are unrivaled in other systems available in the market. Several of these features are as follows:

“Optimal” placement of the horizontal rails and driving belt attachment points along the vertical carriage to minimize the dynamic torsional and bending loads and deflections
Hydraulic shock absorbers at the end of the horizontal rails
Hydraulic or electric drives with fail-safe brakes
Supervisory safety (collision) control via software and with the PLC
Stable base designed as truss construction to maximize structural stiffness
Cable handling with Cable Carriers to ensure efficient cable routing

Optional: Two-axis Pan-Tilt assemblies synchronized to x-y position.