17-53-3B/C Series and 18-53-4B/C Series Tachometer Tester

The Ideal Aerosmith Model 17-53-3B/C and 18-53-4B/C Tachometer Testers are engineered and designed to provide maximum efficiency and versatility for testing electrical and mechanical tachometer generators and indicators.

The 17-53-3B/C (bench model) and the 18-53-4B/C (floor model) are both self-contained and self-calibrating. The outside drives are provided with pad mounting flanges. An adapter changes the flanges to screw mounts. The front drives are normally used for driving the generators of the electrical tachometers. A flex shaft can be left on the inside drive for use with centrifugal or magnetic tachometers. Quick disconnect mounting clamps are provided for four tachometer indicators.

Operating speed at the rates and/or setting can be closely maintained even with a change in load. Speed can be preset if desired, and the drive will quickly accelerate to that speed when the start button is pressed. A control station on the panel includes start and stop push buttons, a reversing switch, and a ten-turn speed control potentiometer with vernier for fine adjustment of speed. The 18-53-4B/C tachometer tester is also provided with a rollout work tray.

  • 17-53-3B/C
  • 17-53-3B/C


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Standard Performance Specification & Features:

  • Manufactured to strict US Navy Department specifications
  • Quick disconnect instrument mounting clamps
  • Digital display comes with certification of traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Model 17-53-3B/C can test up to three tachometers at one time
  • Model 18-53-4B/C can test up to four tachometers at one time