1421 Series Scorsby Motion Table

The Model 1421 Scorsby Motion Test Table is designed to simulate the roll, pitch, and yaw motions of an aircraft during flight. Primarily used for shop, production, qualification testing, and exercising of gyroscopic aircraft instruments, the Ideal Aerosmith Scorsby table is a standard in the aircraft industry.

The Model 1421 is an enhanced version of the 1411E/1412E Series Scorsby Table. The Scorsby table can be operated through the front panel controls or the remote communications interface. The front panel consists of a power switch, LCD display, and four keys: run/menu, increase, decrease, and enter. Full computer-controlled automation can be accomplished with an RS-232 (standard) or IEEE-488 (optional) interface.

The closed-loop motion control system consists of a DC servo gearmotor, a controller, and an optical encoder. The encoder is located on the high speed shaft of the gearmotor to provide high-resolution feedback for smooth Scorsby motion with a constant frequency.

The pitch, roll and yaw motions are achieved with a single rotating shaft and Ideal Aerosmith’s patented head design. The sinusoidal motion of each of the axes is related to the shaft motion and can not be controlled independently.

  • 1421
Options available for


  • IEEE-488 Converter Kit
  • Pedestal
  • CE Mark
  • High-Speed Option (20 cycles/minute

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Standard Performance Specification & Features:

Variable Speed from 1 to 10 Cycles/Minute
RS-232 Remote Communications Interface (IEEE-488 optional)
Table can find home position
LCD shows current speed, number of cycles, and shaft position (Mode dependent)
New easy to adjust tilting head with engraved markings
Positive stop allows quick setting of the tilt head to frequently used positions
Oscillation reversing with electronic cycle counter provides testing versatility from 1 to 99 cycles
Integral bubble level on table top and screws on base plate provide quick, easy leveling
Motor and drive train designed for reliability and long life
Small and lightweight for easy bench top mounting
Approved for many aircraft gyroscopic instrument tests
Anodized aluminum mounting platform for durability and corrosion resistance
Designed with ball bearings for smooth motion and long life
Flat, precision-ground table top mounting surface