IDEAL AEROSMITH Multi-Axis test tables provide precise angular position, rate and acceleration stimuli for development and production testing of multi-axis inertial systems, packages or clusters.

For most systems, Ideal offers integral temperature chambers and/or vacuum chambers so that units under test can be burned-in and characterized over temperature or pressure ranges.

Ideal offers a wide variety of two and three-axis table systems to accommodate a wide variety of testing requirements. In addition to the standard performance characteristics and features, we can modify existing designs or build a fully custom table system to meet your specific requirements.

A listing of the standard table series with a few basic specifications can be found below. The Two and Three-Axis Product Selection Matrices include additional specifications and allow you to easily compare the primary standard specifications for each of the table systems. It is important to note that most of our table systems can be customized. Common options include:

  • Larger tabletops to increase payload mounting area
  • Limited or unlimited range of axis motion
  • Higher acceleration or maximum velocity
  • Variety of slip ring packages for unlimited rotation axes
  • Fiber Optic or RF rotary joints
  • Integral Temperature Chambers with cooling supplied by LN2, CO2, or mechanical refrigeration
  • Communication Interfaces including real-time interfaces (SCRAMNet +, SCRAMNet GT, VMIC)
  • Additional Test Services tasks including mechanical fixturing, test article harnesses, custom software, data acquisition equipment, etc. Refer to Test Services for more of our capabilities in this area.
Multi Axis Tables

Multi Axis Tables

2002P Two Axis Table System with optional thermal chamber