1077 Centrifuge System

The 1077 Series Centrifuge System is used to simulate G loads for inertial sensors, devices and components.

  • 1077
Options available for


  • Additional slip ring lines
  • IEEE-488 Communication Interface (replaces RS-232)
  • Wireless camera viewing system
  • Fluid transfer joint
  • Coaxial rotary joint
  • Larger arms
  • Positionable platforms (satellite tables)

  Almost every system that Ideal Aerosmith manufactures is customized for our customer. The above specifications should be used for reference only.


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Standard Performance Specification & Features:

Standard Features Model 1077
G-range: 0 to 83 G's at 20 inch (508 mm) radius
Payload Capacity: 15 inch (381 mm) cube, 25 lbs. (11.3 Kg) per end of arm
Maximum G-lbs: 2450 G-lbs
Rate Range: 0 to 383 RPM
Radius: UUT location is adjustable within mounting platform, 8.5-23.5 inches (216-597 mm)
Stability: ±0.02% of operating rate above 38.3 rpm (1 G at 24 inch Radius). Zero drift.
Controller: Digital, closed-loop with keypad interface and RS-232 interface
Display: Digital readout, XXX.X
Speed Indication Accuracy (includes meter and encoder error): ±0.01% of operating rate ±0.02 RPM
Axis Rate Accuracy: ±0.02% of operating rate above 38.3 rpm (1 G at 24 inch Radius)
Vibration Isolation: Less than 0.1 G from 0.5 – 100 Hz Bi-Axial measured at UUT Mounting Platform
Slip Rings: Standard package is 54 lines at 2A per line, 6 lines at 3A
Other standard features: Unbalance sensor provides automatic shutdown in event of unbalanced loads; Electrical door interlocks prevent access inside enclosure while centrifuge is in motion; leveling kit; dynamic braking; over-under speed indicator; 6000 pulse per rev encoder