1921 Series Tachometer Tester

The Model 1921 Tachometer Tester is used for the testing and calibration of electrical and mechanical tachometer generators and indicators. Two variable-speed brushless motors eliminate the need for gears while providing for a testing range of 10 to 50,000 RPM. Each motor/shaft is controlled by closed-loop system utilizing hall/encoder feedback and a digital motion control card. The result is a very reliable system with a speed accuracy of 0.005%.

The control panel consists of an LCD back-lit display with RS-232 entry keypad, illuminated power switch, emergency stop button and a shaft rotating indicator.

  • 1921
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  • Calibration Kit

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Standard Performance Specification & Features:

  • 10-50,000 RPM Actual Drive Speed
  • High accuracy
  • 0.01 Display Resolution
  • direct-drive
  • Bi-directional
  • RS-232 keypad entry with LCD display
  • Various adapter wheels included