1270VS Series Single Axis Rate Table

The Model 1270VS Rate Table is used for the testing and calibration of sensors and gyroscopic instruments which require a precise and accurate angular velocity. The 1270VS Rate Table is an automated, variable-speed table with a 21,600:1 speed range.

The front panel controls and liquid crystal display give the user full digital rate entry with multiple rate presets. The front panel consists of a power switch, LCD display, and four keys: run/menu, increase, decrease, and enter.

Full computer-controlled automation can be accomplished with an RS-232 (standard) or IEEE-488 (optional) interface. The closed-loop motion control system consists of a DC servo gearmotor, a controller, and an optical encoder. The encoder is located on the high-speed shaft of the gearmotor to provide high-resolution feedback for precise speed regulation. A gear train with electric clutches is used to select four different ranges.

The rate table can turn in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. Clutches protect the gear train if large forces are applied to the tabletop. A four-point contact bearing is used to resist axial, radial, and moment loads while providing smooth rotation. Slip rings and a vacuum line are also standard features of the test table.

The Single-Axis Product Selection Matrix allows you to easily compare the primary specifications for each of the single-axis table systems. Please note that almost every system that Ideal manufactures can be customized to meet a customer’s specific requirements.

  • 1270VS
  • 1270VS
Options available for


  • IEEE-488 Converter Kit
  • High-Speed Option
  • Various Slip Ring Packages
  • Pedestal
  • CE Mark
  • Optional Vacuum Chamber System available
  • Calibration Kit


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Standard Performance Specification & Features:

Variable Speed Design
RS-232 Interface
Monitor Actual Speed with LCD Display
0.1% Speed Accuracy
16 Line User Slip Ring (See Options)
Closed-Loop Servo Control
21,600:1 Overall Speed Range
1-9.999 deg/min, 10-99.99 deg/min, 100-999.9 deg/min and 1000-21600 deg/min speed ranges
Electric Clutches
Vacuum Line
Variable Acceleration
Automatic Homing
Adjustable Rate Calibration Pulse Interval
Rate Calibration Pulse