AERO 4000™

Ideal Aerosmith introduced its fourth generation of motion control expertise with the AERO 4000™ Motion Controller. The AERO 4000 is the most advanced and capable digital servo controller on the market today. It is designed for Ideal’ Aerosmith’s current and future generations of precision Hardware-in-the-Loop Flight Motion Systems, rate table systems, and precision centrifuges.

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  • AERO 4000™
  • AERO 4000™
  • AERO 4000™


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Standard Performance Specification & Features:

Best value retrofit controller for Carco Electronics™ and ContravesŸ electric & hydraulic Flight Motion Systems
Advanced trajectory and servo algorithms execute at up to a 5 kHz frame rate for high-fidelity motion control
Supports Inductosyn, synchro/resolver, and optical encoder feedback systems
Digital sampling of analog transducers at the table eliminates noise-prone signal lines, improving signal fidelity
Windows-based controller. Host Computer Interface calls can be made directly from C#, Visual BasicŸ, or LabVIEWŸ using MicrosoftŸ .NET Remote Objects
Optional Drop-in Replacement via Software Command Set emulation for various controllers
Virtual Instrument Driver (.vi) for LabView
Host Computer Interfaces: GPIB, 100baseT Ethernet, RS-232
Reflective Memory Interfaces (Optional): SCRAMNet+Ÿ or VMIC
Supports brushless and brush-type servo motors as well as hydraulic actuators