Testing solutions that replicate the extreme environments of energy exploration.


An Ideal Aerosmith customer in the energy sector needed better testing solutions to support their Measurement While Drilling (MWD) products worldwide.

The customer was looking for a cost-effective solution that would provide more reliable and accurate test results for sensor packages that resided in their directional tools. Because these tools needed to perform flawlessly in an extreme and challenging environment, the requirements for the testing solutions were especially strict, including ensuring that there was minimal magnetic interference in the overall design of the test table.

Ideal Aerosmith Solution:

Working in collaboration with the customer, the Ideal Aerosmith team developed a solution that could test and calibrate MWD tools while replicating the severe drilling environment in which they would have to perform.

The turn-key solution included non-magnetic multi-axis test tables combined with specific components selected by the customer and packaged in a control console designed by Ideal Aerosmith. The solution ensured the tools tested were accurate in pinpointing the location of the drill bit miles beneath the earth’s surface.

While the original request was for testing systems that could perform at 175ºC, the Ideal Aerosmith team evolved the Trip Guardian series test tables so that they can perform at temperatures up to 300°C. Ideal Aerosmith also developed fully automated systems that can run complex profiles using a host PC. By automating the calibration/verification process, the customer saved time and money by increasing throughput, improving repeatability and reliability while lowering overhead cost.


The customer now has more than 80 Ideal Aerosmith turn-key systems in the field at locations worldwide, and is using these systems to set the standard for a uniform testing environment that will be crucial in energy exploration for years to come.